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    We are a husband and wife who have been together for 34 years.
    We are runners.

    We value our friendships. 

    We care about leaving things better than when we arrived.
    We're frugal, not cheap. 
    We believe in hard work and that there are no shortcuts in life.
    We strive to always be better.



    Early in life I was always athletic. Growing up I played in just about every organized sport that was available and playtime generally revolved around a pick up game of one sort or another.

    While baseball was my favorite, running is what I was best at.

    In junior high when a local track team formed I was quick to join and in high school I was one of the top 1 and 2 milers in my conference.

    Unfortunately there were "cooler" things to do and after a transfer to a far more competitive school, I lost interest.

    After a hiatus of nearly 30 years I was prodded back into running at a company event. The result was not good at all but my competitive nature was enough to get me to want to do it again and be better.

    Soon I was back to running regularly and realized I was still pretty good at it; winning a few age group awards in smaller races.

    It wasn't long before I was bitten by the marathon bug and began to work towards a long forgotten dream. To qualify for and run the Boston Marathon.

    The great thing about the future is that you will never know what it will bring. I am just grateful that I have rediscovered my passion for running as well as the wonderful community of runners I have met along the way.



    I was never very active when I was younger. I did all the normal kid stuff but having asthma I let it limit me. Having bad knees didn't help either.

    As I got older I also struggled with my weight to where I was 191 pounds at one point.

    Eventually with a good plan I was able to get back to a healthy weight but I still let my body limit what I though I could do.

    Finally I decided to be the boss of me and took up running in 2014. It was hard but once I realized that it was possible to run with asthma, I kept pressing forward and was able to increase my distance. My knees don't bother me now as well.

    I love the friends I have made through running and while I may be a turtle, at least I'm in charge and make the most of the ability I have.